Free High Quality WordPress Themes

It pays to sign up with blogs and newsletters put out by online companies who create WordPress themes and sell them every day. Some like to occasionally send out a quick public relations bite to gather in new customers by offering a free WordPress theme for that week or month, maybe one you’ve already looked at before, but didn’t want to spend money on just yet.

Start out with a Google search for “free wordpress themes” and start looking through who carries the themes you like, particularly if they work for your online business format. is the first place to look as they are always coming up with new and improved themes. You do have to have a host in order to use the software and themes so make sure whatever host company you select also supports WordPress and plugins. Always keep your program, plug ins, and browsers updated to make sure your site doesn’t go on the fritz unexpectedly. If you get a message saying there’s an update available, then get it done. It’s updated for a reason.

If you want to start out with a simple blog, go to where you can open up a free account and blog. No software to download. However, you may be limited to only two or three themes you can use when opening your first account. Check to see what others are available for uploading to your account that the server will support. That means going to your dashboard and finding an area where it shows options to download other themes.

Some other sites to look at for free themes are,,, and This comes from the first page of the Google search and there are plenty more sites to look at review for what you want. If you have some knowledge, or are an expert in the coding languages of CSS and HTML5, then you will enjoy looking behind the scenes to see how these were built and maybe modify one or two for your particular needs.

Many sites will offer a search on free themes related to different business formats such as a portfolio style for photographers or other visual artists who want to show their work. Check to see if a site also offers hosting discounts for any WordPress accounts which means the server is specifically set up to work with all your theme components, and that’s always a plus.

Another point to consider is the browser you use. Some themes work only with Internet Explorer v.7 and 8, but not v.9. You may also have to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in order to work with your theme. Check each theme’s specifications before you download it as it should state what browsers and versions work with the theme. has both free and premium themes for different formats such as magazine format, guaranteed to look very professional. The site also has articles on how to do different things with your theme as well as giving you a 101 on WordPress need-to-know information. There is also an informative section on components of a WordPress theme which you need to know to utilize your themes to the maximum.

Looking for crazy, fun layouts for My Space and other types of social network sites? Check out for some fun stuff. You’ll find themes with glitter, cartoons, anime, and different color-based themes categories.


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