Designing an Aesthetically Pleasing Website

People may have different ideas of what is aesthetically pleasing in web design, but usually it is fairly evident when looking at a website whether it can be considered attractive and well designed or not. There are some general guidelines that it is helpful to follow when designing a website so that the results are good looking and pleasing to site visitors. Though none of these guidelines and ideas are written in stone by any means, they are useful examples of what to keep in mind when designing a website so that it is a an aesthetic and eye catching experience for all who use it.


The functional nature of a website comes first and can be considered one of the most primary design considerations. Websites are meant to be useful and to be used, and the aesthetics of the site should flow from this rather than the other way around. This means that people will consider an easy to use website to be good looking in design more readily than one which is bad looking. The overall experience of ease of use and clarity translates to an appreciation for the site that can be considered aesthetic. So make your site a smooth and functional experience and you have laid the groundwork for a beautiful website as well.

Suited to Visitors

The next thing to consider is what type of visitors will be using your website. If it is a commercial website aimed at individuals, you will probably want to create as colorful and eye catching an environment as possible. Something that really works and is inviting. It is also a good idea to think in terms of creating a homey, comfortable atmosphere where people can feel comfortable and like they want to stay on the site and explore it.
B2B business type websites can look more conservative. The point with these types of sites is to communicate professionalism and competence. The visitors will be other business people and they will not be thinking in terms of being impressed in the way casual site consumer site visitors will. A focused, efficient site design and more understated colors and clean lines are a good idea here.

Clean and Uncluttered

What is meant by clean here is clear of clutter. There shouldn’t be too many links, verbiage, advertising, and so on obscuring the visitor’s view of what is going on. The way to approach a website is with the user in mind. Would you want to be greeted by a barrage of unrelated or loosely related content that was alternatively after your wallet and directing you off on various tributaries of information that were questionably relevant? You would probably appreciate instead a clear and easy to determine view of what the website was about. So aim for this when you design the site. If there are many in text links and sideline information, organize it in such a way that it is not distracting. And if you must employ them, try to keep advertisements out of the way and in their own areas rather than distracting the reader from what he or she is trying to concentrate on.

Organized Information

The above also leads to the idea that information should probably be well organized to be aesthetically pleasing. A popular sort of layout is a three column approach with the most relevant information in the middle in the widest column, navigation links in a narrow left hand column, and textual and picture links in the right hand column which is also narrow. There are many other ways of organizing the information. The point is to choose one that is clear and well delineated.

If you follow these types of guidelines, you should be well on your way to designing an eye catching an aesthetically pleasing website that is also useful and easy to navigate. Alternatively, if you don’t have the time to do this all yourself, there are many companies out that have a site-builder system that is easy to use.. The basic idea is to make a web site that looks good and make that pleasing aspect suited and related to website function. Following this basic approach will lead you in the right direction design wise and the end result will be a website that you can be proud of and which your visitors will enjoy on a number of levels at once.


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