WordPress Tricks to Improve Your Website

If you have a blog and you wish to make it an established source of information, then you must turn to WordPress. WordPress is quite a hit for most bloggers because it is more flexible than other blog hosting programs. By installing additional features and using customized plug-ins, bloggers can add new possibilities to their site. In fact, there are many WordPress tricks to improve your website.

At first, WordPress may be as simple as you presume it to be. It is quite straightforward to install to your domain, and posting new articles won’t take you more than five minutes to accomplish. However, there are things that you can learn in order for you to completely benefit from WordPress.

1. Decide on a Niche
Look at your hosting plan and see if your plan comes with enough space and bandwidth for a WordPress blog. Once you have your niche, you need to determine the keywords that you are going to use for your chosen niche. As soon as you add the keywords to the website, you will most likely strengthen your search engine ranking.

2. Customize Your Theme
WordPress themes can easily be optimized. If you figure out how to do this, you can turn your blog into an eye-catching website. Make sure to add your corporate logos or any other design logos to brand you site. Some people even push this further and make an interactive domain for a visitor. There are various widgets that are influential on the global functions of the site. However, if a widget is not used properly, it may also affect the look of your blog as a whole. The secret is to look for themes than conveniently permit you to modify the widgets as well as view the different areas on the site. You may wish to include the external links on the main blog entry page. You can add links to your main page, but try to limit the number of external links and add more internal links to your pages. This is the secret to keep the visitor on your site, rather than giving them links to go to other websites.

3. Update Your Content
If you have a regular visitor on your website, he will most likely visit your site if your content changes every day. No one prefers a “dead” site. In order to keep the content flowing, you can do this automatically in WordPress. There is a way for you to show featured content and set this up in such a way that it changes every day. The procedure is quite simple and can be applied to most blogs, including WordPress. You should familiarize yourself with the coding that changes the featured content of your website.

4. Two-Tiered Conditional Navigation
You can customize your WordPress navigation menu and set it up in a way that it shows the parent pages and the child pages. In doing so, the over-all look is not as cluttered as other blogs. This type of navigational menu is ideal for blogs that have lots of content and multiple pages. Once you have a WordPress design that is easy enough for the average visitor to navigate, you can expect more visitors to come.

5. Integrating Slide Shows
WordPress blogs can also host slide shows. By uploading the slide shows that you made on websites like Animoto or on a program from your computer like PowerPoint, you will get your point across much better using visuals. Instead of the articles that are uploaded into WordPress, you can just add the slide shows to the site and let your visitors watch it.

These are only five WordPress tricks to improve your website. Once you get the hang of it, you might even discover more tips and tricks over time and your WordPress blog could be on the first page of search engine results.


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