Paid WordPress Plugins

Looking for the best-rated plug ins for WordPress? Do a Google search first on the term “buying the best wordpress plug ins” and look for any listings dated from this year only. Why? You must keep all your program plug ins up to date to make them work correctly and there’s no point in downloading something that is behind the times. It may also cause your site to have a seizure and then you’ll have to go in and fix it or get help from support. Meanwhile, you’re losing money and time spent on pulling in your customer base.

Take a look at as a first step to read reviews about 34 top rated plug ins from a recent post in May 2011 by author Dustin Bentonio, listing all the best choices in order. In the first spot is WP Review Plug in, designed for review postings of all types along with different rating systems for use. Second is the WP auctions where you can host your own online auctions all by yourself. Third is Shortcode Kid that has preset codes you can insert to change your blog appearance at a snap. You don’t have to do intricate coding if that’s not your thing.

Fourth is the CompariPress which allows you to compare prices from user set sites, and earning commissions every time someone buys from your site button. Other plug ins to review are WP Robot, WP SEO by Yoast, Events Calendar, ReviewsPRESS, WordPress Slider, AJAX Contact Forms, Gravity Forms and VidEmbed, just to name some of the other top rated plug ins. You will probably want to do a monthly check on what’s new in plug ins as it seems every week, someone is coming up with a new plug in to make your life easier and more fun to run a website. Unless you know how to fix plug ins, stay away from anything in beta format, at least until it’s a full plug in, tried and tested.

Also listed is the Extended Google Analytics that will allow you to track and identify traffic data and keyword conversions, a must have for any site trying to make money. Another valuable plugin is Vaultpress which will back up your site, plug ins, blog and anything else important, and allow you to step back to a clean revision.

Two commerce plug ins listed are WordPress Shopping Cart plug in and WordPress e-Commerce, both of which allow you to sell digital and tangible products. The Shopping Cart plugin is for purchase but the e-Commerce plug in is free, with the option to purchase extended modules.

Another site offering a shopping cart plug in called WordPress eStore Plugin is at Check out the benefits of this plugin and see if it’s for you. It offers site security, easy checkout, easy to use design, affiliate software integration, and is also compatible with PayPal too.

Also check out a few other sites to see what else is out there for purchase or for free. Keep in mind that usually anything you purchase will also have customer service and technical support attached which can be really helpful when you don’t have time to play around with a problem.


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